Artist Statement
Tristan Martinez is an interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California, who is currently working toward his BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With a focus in photography and print media, Tristan photographically creates scenes of ambiguity in order to addresses topics of isolation and representation. To understand the dynamic of his own placement as a multiracial transplant to the Midwest, Tristan focuses on work that transcends direct placement. His images draw the viewer in with oddities and overlooked situations, and challenges his audience to make sense of the ambiguous, the satirical and the overly clear subject matter within his work. Varying from project to project Tristan attempts to question the world around us with a visually objective representation through his lens. 

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) BFA 2020 Expected 
Glendale Community College (2014 - 2018)
Solo Exhibitions
The Quiet Life, I used to Be Pretty (Los Angeles, California) 2018 
Group Exhibitions
Best of Quarantine, Float Magazine  (Online Exhibition) 2020
Chicago Artist Book Fair (Chicago, Illinois) 2019
Bucktown Variety Show, 2510 W. Courtland (Chicago, Illinois) 2019
Showcase Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) 2019 
Tainted Paradise, Embed Gallery (Los Angeles, California) 2019
The Art Gallery @GCC, Glendale Community College, Spring Group Show (Glendale, California) 2018
Vape Goat, (Los Angeles, California) 2017 
Grants, Fellowships, & Awards
Merit Scholarship School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2018-2020)
Take A Look, Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection (Chicago, Illinois) 2019
I Used to be Pretty second edition, Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, (Chicago, Illinois) 2019
Knee Sweat, Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, (Chicago, Illinois) 2019
For Now, Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, (Chicago, Illinois) 2019
Nothing is Interesting and Everything is Normal, Sad Bird, 2019
Find Rangers issue 20, Book and Job Gallery, 2019
Find Rangers issue 19, Book and Job Gallery, 2019
School of The Art Institute of Chicago,  Photo Catalogue 2018-2019
I Used to be Pretty second edition, self published, 2019
Knee Sweat, self published, 2019
For Now, self published, 2019
Take a Look, self published, 2019
I Used to be Pretty, Lulu, 2018
While You Weren’t Looking, self published, 2018
The Ladder, self published, 2018
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